A New Coffee Every Month!

It's February! Which means for anyone who is a Norse King/Queen or Jarl will be getting a new coffee with their subscription this month!

This month's coffee is Brazil Salmo Natural!

A natural process coffee with a medium body and very mild acidity!

It has tasting notes of milk chocolate, peanut butter, raisin, and graham cracker!

This is my first time having a natural Brazilian coffee and I can say I love it!

Firstly you get a strong whiff of peanut butter with a small hint of fruity and cracker tones!

The first sip you take gives off a strong graham cracker flavor with the raisin sneaking it's way in there too!

Just as that first sip is almost over the milk chocolate comes through giving off a very nice smooth finish!

I tried this coffee with a V60 for brewing! Flavors can vary from different brewing methods, so I like to hear your thoughts on this month's coffee and your choice of brewing style!

If you'd like to receive a new coffee every month you can join to become a Norse King getting you 3.5lbs of coffee or a Jarl which gives you 2.5lbs of coffee!

You sign up just once and will get coffee every month until you want your reign over coffee to end!

If you have a subscription that isn't one of these new ones you can simply cancel it and sign up and continue getting coffee!

Right now we're having a deal where if you're a new subscriber you'll get a free 1/2lb mystery coffee in your order! It will be whole bean or ground depending on your order and will be a medium roast!

Any questions, concerns, thoughts just leave a comment or email me at joshb@vikingcoffeeco.com

Have a great day everyone and stay safe!

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