Core Values & Mission



We are loyal to our customers because without them we serve no purpose. To our teammates because they are with us every step of the way fighting towards our mission to help others. To ourselves and these core values because they shape us and define what we believe will get us to success.


We always go the extra mile for our customers, co-workers, and the company. We always strive to over deliver and exceed people’s expectations with everything we do and it is done with enthusiasm. We understand that going the extra mile is what results in word of mouth which is how REAL growth is accomplished. We strive to WOW people with our customer service. We don’t say this just to sound nice in hopes you’ll buy product. We say it because our daily actions reflect this.


This isn’t just a way to lead… it’s the only way. We cannot lead if we aren’t willing to do what we ask others to do. We cannot expect to lead if we have not done the work ourselves and experienced what it is like nor can we set the standard on what to do and how to do it.

be disciplined

We are self motivated to stay on task and get the job done. We are driven and focused on the company and its progress. From the big picture all the way down to the finite details of every task we take on. We are strong enough to hold ourselves accountable and can be relied on consistently to get the job done above and beyond the start of expectation set for us.

Accept Responsibility

We do not shift blame. We fully accept the responsibility of our actions and our performance. When given a task or see an issue we make sure to see it through to it’s completion because its our responsibility and we are proud to do the RIGHT THING .

Take initiative

We believe that if you see something wrong and think “That’s not my job.” You’re going to remain the same for life. If you see a mess… Clean it up. See something broken… Fix it. See someone who needs help… Help them. See trash… Pick up the trash. We do these things REGARDLESS of who is or who isn’t watching without expectation. We don’t wait to be told to do something. We take initiative based around our CORE VALUES.

be a lifetime student

We believe that if you’re a know it all. You’re doomed to failure and stagnation in life. If you can’t learn. You can’t improve. That is why WE relentlessly pursue more experience and knowledge. Not just to be informed but to be transformed. We want to be lifetime students who want to become masters of excellence, success, and happiness.

Do it with enthusiasm

If you’re going to do anything in life, do it with enthusiasm! Negativity is a cancer. Life is hard and having a bad attitude makes everything harder on yourself and the people around you. People are drawn to others who are enthusiastic and positive regardless of the situation. We choose to be positive. We choose to do things with energy. We choose enthusiasm.


TO impact the culture of america through damn good coffee, and pursuit of personal excellence.

Coffee doesn’t just give you an extra boost in the morning. It can help brighten your mood when you take that first sip of damn good coffee. It also helps fuel you to work hard and get shit done. We provide the absolute best quality product to you because we know from our core values it is the RIGHT THING to do.

We know that our core values propel us towards success in our mission to build a welcoming community of driven people.

These core values are listed here so YOU know that we as a company want our customers and our employees to know that we take pride in taking initiative to go the extra mile when it comes to our customers, ourselves, our teammates, and the company. We take responsibility in our actions and our strong self discipline ensures we follow through with that. We lead by example when it comes to being a lifetime student and constantly pursuing knowledge and experience to better our CUSTOMERS experience, our TEAMS experience, and to improve our own.