Brewing Coffee

Brewing Coffee

The usual drip method or keurig is probably the easiest way to make coffee...which is probably why everyone has one of those coffee makers...but, it's not always the best.

Effort wise, it's minimal. Quantity, like a lot. Quality, probably middle of the road. 

The french press, it's more effort to make coffee and you won't usually get a lot.. but that's if you buy a french press that isn't 51oz or bigger. I roll with a 36oz and that's good for 1 large cup of coffee or 2 "Normal" cups of coffee...maybe a little more. Boil you some water, enough to make your desired amount of coffee. Everyone and everything I've read about using a french press says you need to warm the press by adding boiled water....K...I don't think it makes a difference. But I'm not a coffee snob so I wouldn't know. Add your grounds, 40-60 grams I've found works best for the desired amount of coffee I want...about 1 large cup. Add just enough boiled water to soak the grounds and let it set for a minute...then fill the press to the desired amount with the rest of the water and brew for about 3 and a half minutes. Id say don't go longer than four and a half minutes because it'll start to become bitter. Finally, get your favorite mug, pour and enjoy. 

Here is the french press I use...from amazon



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