Butter and coconut oil in your coffee

Butter and coconut oil in your coffee

So, if you've looked at my Instagram or Snapchat recently you may have noticed I've been adding butter and coconut oil to my morning coffee. Lemme tell you about it if you're on edge about trying it.

There are a bunch of science and stuff that people claim that it helps your brain function early in the morning (coffee does that already,) it helps burn fat, it helps utilize the antioxidants in the coffee, it helps reduce hunger, etc... Whether any of that is true or we're all just trippin' I don't know. So if you wanna find out for yourself google it and research and find out for yourself.

Now I can not confirm that it helps burn fat. But, it does act as a creamer almost...but it's not really a creamer. Meaning; I still have that delicious coffee taste but it's just creamier and you don't really taste butter. Which I've come to really like; the trick is to use one of those bullet blenders...or air frother.

I use about 2 tables spoons of butter per 8oz and a tablespoon of fractioned coconut oil per 8oz. What I've noticed from doing this is, I don't get a hungry feeling throughout the morning (I intermittent fast...I know you're not supposed to consume calories but what the fuck ever right) the coffee is creamy, and It's easier to gain weight considering I'm consuming more fats. (Gaining weight for me currently isn't a bad thing, everything in moderation, depending on what it is.)

Is it for everyone? No. Should you try it at least once? Yes. Should you do it every day? Maybe. All of this is up to you. I've been doing it for about a 2 weeks straight and haven't noticed much other than that stated above. I'll post a follow up to this sometime down the road...probably in a month or so

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