Coffee soaked in honey before roasting?!

Did you know that there are different processes to getting coffee ready after it has been picked off of the plant??

Did you know that each process can contribute to flavors in different ways?!

Well, let’s break down these process for you in a short and sweet way that isn’t filled with industry jargon that you or even me for that matter don’t completely understand.

The three processes!

  1. Washed
  2. Natural
  3. Honey
What do these process mean and what the hell is Honey process?! Do they really cover the beans in honey??To give you a better idea let’s first talk about washed and natural process. These are the two most common ways of drying the beans…Natural process simply means that the cherry, which holds the coffee bean, along with pulp and mucilage, is picked then goes straight into the drying process. The drying process brings the moisture content of the bean down to a good level to ensure effective roasting.Washed process means the cherry is run through a depulper to get rid of the outer layers of the coffee before it is stuck in a fermentation tank to get rid of leftover pulp and the remaining mucilage. Then it is set out to dry! During the honey process just the cherry skin and pulp are removed! The mucilage is left on the beans going into the drying process. This causes some fermentation of the bean to occur which can result in a well balanced bitterness with plenty of sweetness, fruit, and darker flavors such as chocolate, molasses, and roasted nuts. This is almost like a combination of the natural and washed processed and brings together some benefits of both processes. And let me tell ya. It makes some pretty damn good coffee!Now, if anyone asks you what the hell the process of the coffee is. You’ll know!
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