Cold Brew

Cold Brew

Cold brew is fucking awesome; especially during the summer. 

Cold brew, what is it...basically it's coffee that was brewed without boiling the water. It takes at least 8 hours so make sure to plan ahead. It's smoother, not as bitter, and gives a swift kick with more caffeine; fuck yea. 

You need: Large mason jar or other container of your choice with a lid. A cotton bag without any dies in it or anything else because that'd be shitty. Your favorite coffee. Water. Refrigerator. 

1. Put coffee in cotton bag...I'm not sure how much...cause I just put A LOT in the bag...If you really wanna have an

2. Leave bag open and put it over the mouth of whatever container you're using. 

3. Pour water over the coffee grounds and let it filter through the bag and fill. 

4. Close the bag and secure it between the mouth and lid. 

5. Wait patiently for at least 8 hours before drinking. 

6. You can brew up to 26 hours I think...Loads of caffeine at that point. 

7. Enjoy the shit out of it. 


It's great for a summer morning or day. Add milk to add to the flavor. 

It's actually easier to drink black than how you'd usually brew coffee...boiling if you're not that big of a fan of regular coffee...Start with cold brew...its much easier to get used to and it tastes better. 



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