Drink Coffee. Work Hard.

Drink Coffee. Work Hard. Was a brief saying I put on a sticker with a coffee mug, axe, and hammer.

Almost everyone associates coffee with the thing you make before you head to work in the morning to help wake you up. It is and there is nothing wrong with that; I drink it as a pre-workout. But, most of the time that coffee is stale and old and bought from a grocery store. Why not be able to enjoy the hell out of that coffee?!

Here is the bigger picture to this.

I drink coffee practically every day. I always have something on my plate to get done that day whether fulfilling orders, roasting, social medias, emails, book keeping, phone calls, running errands, or anything else that happens to come up that day or week. Like, you, I pretty much live week to week with some other bigger events set in stone a couple months down the road like events, weddings, friends get togethers, birthdays, etc…

Everyday is another opportunity to crush whatever task you have to get you one step closer to a goal or objective. If you want to absolutely dominate that goal or objective of yours, you’ve gotta pay up; everyday. It doesn’t matter if the things you do that day get you 10 steps closer to winning or 1 step closer. Do it. Do it to the best of your fucking ability. If you don’t know how to get something done or accomplish it or don’t understand it. FITFO. Figure It The Fuck Out. Don’t be scared to fail at something, that’s good! If you don’t fail ever how are you gonna learn and get better? Fail and continue to work hard and come back at the thing you failed at even harder. Research, ask questions, ask for help, trying something new keep doing these things and giving your all and you can’t go wrong.

Besides being in coffee I’ve got a background in strength culture and weight training with some coaching. Failing is a part of going for a new PR on a lift. You’ll more than likely fail the first time but continue to training hard, work on the weak points, and push harder than you did the last you’ll more than likely crush that previously failed PR the second time. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We’re creatures of comfort and with comfort comes complacency. I’m not saying never be comfortable, definitely take time out to enjoy yourself and the fruits of your labor. But, if you want to continue to grow and become better than you were. Sharpen your axe. Prior to this year I wasn’t the most outgoing person and networking is another avenue to grow my business. I made a commitment to go to a BNI (business networking institute.) definitely way out of my element. But, from that experience I had multiple meetings with people and got comfortable with networking a little bit. From there I would push myself to go and introduce myself to people at coffee shops or gyms I think might share similar interest or knowledge that could help me no matter how significant or insignificant it was. I still feel uncomfortable doing it, BUT, it has vastly improved my social skills.

This is a brief synopsis of my big picture behind this little saying. Drink Coffee. Work Hard. It’s a part of my personal life as well as Viking Coffee Co. You work hard at whatever it is you do. I want you to enjoy the coffee you drink before you go and work hard; whether it’s being the best dad or mom, spouse, boss, employee, care taker, dog dad or mom, or ice cream eater lol

Have a great day!

Drink coffee. Work hard.

Always sharpen your axe.

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