Ethiopian Sidamo Natural Chemex and Aeropress Recipe

Alrighty then.
You’re probably here because you were reading the description of Ethiopian so now ya wanna know how to make a cup of some damn good coffee.


You’re going to need a Chemex and Chemex filter for the best results!

Boil your water between 200 and 205 degrees and pre-wet your filter so it doesn’t get any paper taste in your coffee. Very important here because Chemex filters are very thiccc, yes with 3 C’s.

This is my personal recipe I make every morning. But you can definitely use less coffee than me if you need to.

40 grams of medium/coarse ground coffee. This shouldn’t be as coarse as french press grounds but not as fine as a medium drip coffee grounds.

Start by leveling the coffee bed and pouring from the outside into the center. Double the weight in water.
If 40 grams of coffee add 80 grams of water. If 20 grams of coffee add 40 grams of water and so on.

This is called the bloom! It’s very important because it’s letting gases from the coffee escape; if you skip this step… your coffee won’t taste as sweet.

Bloom should last between 45 seconds to 1 minute depending on how fresh the coffee is. Immediately after pouring for the bloom, swirl the coffee. Just grab the chemex and swirl it on whatever surface it sits on to evenly saturate and mix the coffee bed and water.

After the bloom stage is over start pouring again. I prefer to work in 150 to 200 grams of water stages.

All that means is after the bloom ya got 80 grams brewed. Pour till you reach 280 and stop and wait for the coffee to draw down some before pouring again.

I continue to do this until I reach 600 ml brewed coffee.

Once you’re on your last pour continue to swirl the coffee as it draws down to knock any grounds clinging to the sides of the filter.

Swirl the coffee one last time before you pour to evenly mix the coffee and pour into your mug!

Boom. Done.



Alright, this is a combination of a few different brewing recipes I’ve read when I first got the thing.

You’ll need 26 grams of coffee. As far as the grind goes… I literally use the same grind I use for my Chemex.
Sometimes I’ll change it based on the roast level but a Chemex grind works 9.5 times outta 10.

This ratio is a 1/7 ratio. 1 parts coffee to 7 parts water. Tastes great and you can always mellow it out with a little water.

Two ways I’ve seen people use it to brew. Upside down (The way you have the brewer to add water with the plunger in.) and the normal way (filter and filter cap on with plunger only added after done pouring water to brew.

For this I use the upside down method. It’s just easier.

Add your coffee, pre-wet the filter, and double the weight in water, swirl it to evenly saturate the coffee, and let it bloom for 45 seconds to 1 minute.

Add the rest of your water till you reach 182 mls of total brewed coffee. You can do this in one pour!

Once that is done, add your brew cap with filter in, and let it brew for 2:45 to 3:00 minutes. I swirl one last time too.

Once time is up, flip it onto your mug, with consistent and even pressure, push down the plunger to brew.

Boom. Done.

Again, with a damn good cup of coffee!

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