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Welcome to 2020 y’all!

Here is a year in review. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know I wrote a similar post to this blog. I’ll make this short, sweet, and to the point.

2019 was awesome. A lot of awesome stuff happened. Bourbon barrel aged coffee, new mugs, hats, and shirts! Met a ton of you at Columbus and Cincinnati Coffee fest! A lot of coffee’s tried out for the coffee club.

A lot of growth and mistakes, wins and losses, and a lot of other things that helping this business get better! The primary reason this brand has grown is because of YOU! Seriously, if it wasn’t for you legendary folks sharing the Viking Coffee brand it wouldn’t have grown so much in 2019. I’m just one person and I literally can’t do everything for the business so marketing and advertising takes a back seat. You all are the reason it has grown this year. Just telling a friend or sharing a cup with a friend means a lot!

However, the first few days in 2020 I did something I haven’t done in a long time. Since 2018 actually.

That is reach out to you, as many customers as i can for feedback! Not just for an awesome 5 star review on Facebook or Google, that stuff is awesome, but it doesn’t help quality grow or continue.

I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from customers who loved the coffee, smell, the taste, and the quality. That’s great! I’m super proud that they say that!

But. I got a few who mentioned none of those things. Who weren’t satisfied with the taste of the Tri-blend or Ethiopian. Who said it was bland and needed creamer. This is the stuff that I LOVE to hear because it keeps me sharp. Damn Good Coffee isn’t that, that isn’t the standard I set when I started Viking Coffee. So I highly appreciate these folks who get back to me with this info.

This info I love to hear but it also keeps me awake at night because I want my customers to be happy and blown away by how great the coffee was. Not unsatisfied. Not a bland taste.

2020 I may annoy the shit out of some of you with how often I reach out asking how you liked the coffee and the quality of the coffee/product. But, it’s necessary and you play a critical role in how good the coffee is and continues to be.

Damn Good Coffee in 2020

Thank you everyone for your support!


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