Grinding Whole Coffee Beans

Grinding Whole Coffee Beans

For those who maybe want to order whole bean coffee thinking you can grind it in a can...just probably not the best option. 

Use a burr grinder...either a hand operated one or an automatic one. 

Now, I don't know why, but supposedly a blade grinder or blender will burn the beans or either grind them too much or not enough.. which with a burr grinder you can control the grind settings. Now, I have noticed you get a really good cup of coffee right after grinding the beans, which is something I didn't know until someone mentioned it to me. 

Now, if you're someone who drinks a lot of coffee I'd recommend an automatic burr grinder which you can get a Wal-mart for like $35 or if you're one who makes just one cup and have the time...get a manual much more intimate and makes the whole experience better...I don't know since I don't have one. But, I can say when you make coffee by hand it makes the cup better tasting for sure. 

So, because the internet told me and I think I know a decent amount about a good cup of coffee go with a burr grinder...if you want..

That's all I got for today.   

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