How to make Beef Tallow!

Beef Tallow!

You can cook with it, use it for your skin, use it in other recipes and I'm sure even more uses. 

Plus, it's not a seed oil so it's far better than any vegetable oil, canola oil, palm oil, or whatever other seed oil.
How do you make it?
Really easy actually.

We save the beef fat from the ground beef we cook. All of our meat is locally sourced so it's far better quality than what you get in a big box store. 

When you're done cooking the beef, just strain it through a mesh basket or pasta strainer to get the big chunks out. We usually cover it in a bowl and store it in the fridge for a week while we add more beef fat, gross I know, but it's worth it. 
When it comes time to make the beef tallow simply get a clean pot, put it on very low heat, put in the beef fat, add some water, and a healthy amount of salt. 
Let it come to a low simmer and start your timer for an hour. 
What you're doing is here is rendering the fat. 
All the particulate you don't want will sink to the bottom or burn off. 

After an hour goes by, strain it through a fine mesh basket into a another bowl, and place the bowl of tallow into your freezer for 30-45 minutes. 

The mesh filter will remove a big chunk of particulate you don't want. Once the beef tallow has solidified hard enough you can remove it from the bowl, drain the brown gross looking water, and scrape the bottom of the beef tallow block of the brown fat. 
Again, gross, but worth it. 

You'll simply repeat this process 3 more times. 
Render the beef fat for an hour each time with salt and water added to remove particulate. 

Freeze it, drain the beef water, and remove any brown spots from the bottom of the beef tallow.
By the fourth time of doing this you should end up with a very small brown spot on the bottom... maybe the size of a penny. 

At this point you've really purified the beef tallow, removed the particulate, and removed most if not all of the beef smell. 
Once more you'll heat up the beef tallow in a clean pot but just enough to melt it then add it into a clean bowl and let i cool down to room temp when it solidifies.

To make a lotion:
Here you'll need an electric mixer and some honey. Add maybe 1/2 to 1 tablespoon on honey to the beef tallow and begin mixing it with the mixer until you get a very creamy looking texture. It will literally look like a thick lotion. 

We store it in small glass jars and keep one in our bathroom for lotion and the others in the fridge to keep until we're ready to use them. 
No beef smell, doesn't feel like a greasy layer on your hands like regular lotion, and helps with sunburn!

To make for cooking:
If you're going to use it for cooking, add even less honey to it and you don't have to mix it nearly as much. I just add wax paper to whatever container I'm storing it in form it into a brick and keep it in the fridge.  

Beef tallow is great for cooking in since it has a high smoke point. Using it took cook eggs is my favorite and adding it to chicken or fish when you're cooking them is great too. 
Also, if you love french fries... you can fry homemade fries in beef tallow. It's really good! 
I definitely recommend giving this a try. 
Really rewarding once you get the process down and there are a lot of videos on YouTube to help show you the process. 
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