How to make better coffee

How to make better coffee

Today I'm going to talk about how to make better coffee. 

Now, I will say, this requires some if you just hate measuring then just don't read this. For easier and fast measuring; use a food makes measuring feel less like measuring. 

Anyway, you wanna measure the grounds based on how many cups/oz you're gonna make and then drink. For example: the thermos you see on my Instagram holds about 24ozs. For every 10oz of water I usually go 20-25 grams of coffee grounds. 

Also, if you buy whole bean coffee and you're not in a rush in the morning ground the coffee beans RIGHT before you add them to whatever thing you use to make coffee. If you use a french press or chemex or pourover add water to the grounds and let them bloom for at least a minute. 

Another way to make really good coffee...especially during the summer; COLD BREW.

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