How to move onto better coffee from a regular coffee pot/maker.

Like most people you probably start drinking coffee from a regular coffee maker. Which is okay at best, if you're using store bought coffee that has a "one way" valve and has probably been on the shelf for a minute. 

So here are your options, that readily available at your local store (Kroger or Walmart) French press, pour over, and moka pot. The easiest with very little attention is the moka pot. Simply add water, add the grounds, tamp, turn on the stove and let it boil. The second is the french press, boil water in a pot, add water to the french press to warm it up, dump out the water, add the grounds (Course) add water to soak all the grounds but don't fill it, let the coffee bloom (Release gases, and brew) a little then add more water to the desired amount. The third, the pour over... First, boil water, put filter in the pour over pot, pour boiling water over the filter to rid it of paper flavor and to warm the pot. Add your grounds to your filter (Fine grounds), soak the grounds but don't fill, again let the grounds bloom, and add more water to fill and once you're done filling stir the grounds and water. 

These are some different ways to have better coffee than the regular coffee machine. 

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