How whiskey infused coffee is made.

I'm so excited about Skål Barrel Aged coffee this year I just gotta share with you how we get it, what's happening, and why!
We're fortunate to have a great relationship with a local distillery and we've gotten a barrel from them each year!
Once the barrel is in hand we pick out a coffee and measure out 100lbs of coffee beans to fill the whiskey barrel. 100lbs is roughly half of a standard whiskey barrel. 
The coffee beans that we put into the barrel are still raw coffee beans and will need to be roasted!
Because coffee is stored at a certain moisture level, 14 to 18% moisture pending on various factors, the coffee bean is very porous and will soak up any liquid it's in contact with. 
The coffee in the barrel soaks up the whiskey from inside the barrel staves that's soaked into the barrel over the years. 

This pulls out ALL kinds of flavors from the barrel and whiskey alike!
The coffee ages from 7 to 15 days... in that range we've found to be the sweet spot! 
We empty out the beans and store them in a food grade bin and wait to be roasted! 
We do this to allow a little extra moisture to evaporate off of the coffee to cut down on roast time and batch size limitations.
When this special coffee is roasted, all of the alcohol is burned off, and you're left with nothing but the flavor of the coffee, whiskey, and the barrel. Truly creating a unique tasting coffee!

This coffee is releasing to everyone on July 4th! So mark your calendars!

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