If You Haven't Heard!

So if you haven’t heard yet we moved locations to Traverse City, Michigan!

Why did we move? We moved because we needed more space because of all of your support we are growing! We found a nice space that is much bigger giving us room for more coffee and room for videos!

We moved completely out of Bowling Green, Ohio this weekend! Kind of a crazy week for it with all the snow Michigan and Ohio has been getting!

We survived the move though, and thankfully didn’t break too much! Oops we kinda broke the roaster, but it was just some easy fixing of wiring!

Traverse City is a perfect location! With so much more natural scenery giving us a chance to use the environment on our side for cool lifestyle photos and videos!

We are very excited with our move and the bright future for Viking Coffee!

For anyone who wants to see more about our move you can check out our YouTube channel to see behind the scenes of the move!

Also, if you live in Traverse City you’ll be able to get free shipping on your orders!

Sorry for everyone in Bowling Green, you will now have to pay the the $5 shipping fee since we are no longer in the area!

I didn’t move to Traverse City with Evan and Marissa so you won’t be getting notes from me anymore! But I will be sending you guys emails and working on blogs! I will also be sending out post cards and answer any questions you may have about Viking Coffee!

Thank you all so much for all of your support! It means the world to us!

Have a great day everyone! Stay Safe!

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