Improve your standard drip coffee!

Okay, we all have one probably.
We’ve all have most likely use them.

A Standard Drip coffee machine. Most don’t make the best coffee out there…
The recommendations on the brewer are usually weak and watered down.

So here is our recipe to fix that!

Here’s our recipe recommendation:

1/16 ratio. This is important.

Use 40 grams of ground coffee (roughly 5.5 to 6 tablespoons of ground coffee)

Add 640 grams of water (roughly 21.5 ounces of water.)

This will drastically improve the taste of the coffee…But let’s go a step further.

Bloom the coffee. Turn the coffee pot on, let it run for 10 seconds, shut it off.
Let the coffee rest for about a minute.

After a minute, turn the coffee pot back on and let it do it’s thing.

Why should you let the coffee bloom?
By doing so you’re letting the gases in the coffee escape and allowing the coffee to open up and allow for optimal extraction.

Follow this recipe and your standard drip coffee will be making damn good coffee in no time!

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