It's Time To Crack A Cold One!

So spring time is coming you guys! What do you love most about spring time?

I love being able to go outside without a coat, driving with the windows down, going on bike rides, sitting outside in the warm sun, and enjoying some refreshing drinks!

I personally love having some nice ice cold beers during the spring and summer! There is something just so refreshing about it! A nice juicy hazy IPA, a nice tart sour, or of course your standard tropical IPA! Or busting out the mixers and making some cocktails for everyone to enjoy!

I love the fresh smell of the spring air or the smell of when it’s about to rain! It’s just peaceful and relaxing!

What do all of you like to do during the spring time? You like to grill, play sports with your family or friends, travel to the beach, do some gardening! I’d also like to know what your go to refreshing drink is for you! You like iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade, or even just some ice cold water?

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, so much color comes back with the flowers blooming, trees getting their leaves back, the grass turning green! What’s your favorite time of the year? And Why?

Well you all have a great day and enjoy the nice weather, but of course stay safe out there!

I’m just going to go crack a cold one with the boys!

Drink Coffee. Work Hard.


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