Send It Blend

This coffee is for you fine folks who appreciate a classic dark roast coffee that’s smooth no matter how you make it.

Imagine this. It’s 5:00am, you roll out of your warm, soft bed, and make your way to the kitchen. The cool feel of your flooring slowly begins to wake you as you move through the kitchen getting your coffee pot ready.
The aroma of freshly ground coffee fills your nostrils with scents of cocoa and fresh berry.
You fill your coffee pot with water, close the lid, press the brew now button, and hear that gurgle of the coffee pot start up as you make your way to the bathroom.

As you’re getting ready for your day you hear the gurgling of your coffee pot as it finishings brewing. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee begins wafting it's way down the hall and pulling you back to the kitchen.
You set your favorite mug down, pull out the pot, steam rolling out of the pot as the sound of coffee pouring into your mug is music to your ears. The warmth of the mug in your hands gives you life and that first sip as you feel warm coffee rolls across your lip.

Send It Blend goes great with breakfast, with heavy cream, relaxing on a porch, or at work at the job site!

Brew it a standard drip pot, in a pour over, in a french press, through your espresso machine, in your Chemex, or through your Aeropress.

Make some cold brew with it for those hot AF days or brew it in your french press for those chilly fall mornings!

Either way you won’t be disappointed!

Send It drops tonight at 7pm EST time!

Available in full pounds and half pounds

The two beans in this coffee are Kenyan AA that was roasted just up until 2nd crack.

That way the bean produces phenomenal rich blackberry and milk chocolate flavors but isn’t too bitter!
The Colombian Supremo is roasted till 20-30 seconds into 2nd crack! That gives it a deep and dark flavor of cocoa, dark chocolate, and subtle dark fruit flavors to compliment the other bean!

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