Sum of 2018


Its truly humbling looking back to how much Viking Coffee grew in 2018. The different events, farmers markets, new customers, learning new things about coffee, meeting and networking with farmers, getting to see and meet some local faces (Ohio and Michigan) coming out with new coffees, and a ton more I could type about.

I wrote in January of 2018 that I had intentions of making V I K G into its own brand. However, somethings take plenty more time and especially money to make that happen. So it will be a minute before any major clothing comes out. But, I always have plenty of ideas floating around in my head. (Shop towels anyone?)

Definitely a lot of bad happened too. I spent way more money than originally budgeted. (Good and bad) Good, grew customer base and order base larger than anticipated. Bad, never even considered the possibility of that happening and didn’t buy supplies in bulk to cut down cost of production. Planning for events, I’m terrible at the logistics side of this but I make it work! Coffee fest Columbus should be way easier this year without an INSANE line. Cincinnati also. (No espresso machine) (More coffee). Social media presence. Definitely not enough and a lot of you who follow me don’t see when I post. (More content)

well that’s a brief run down of 2018. Not too much concerned about how the year went for me now because it’s over. But, it’s time to do better than last year. Much much better than last year.

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