Support pro-american and american made

I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of companies out there “going woke” or whatever stupid language we’re using now. Those companies actions don’t represent their customer base or their employees. But why is it happening at all these companies at the exact same time?

It’s being done intentionally.

How this works goes a little something like this…

Big banks: Hey if you don’t do these things to be in compliance with the WEF, you’re not getting funding.

Big companies: Cool, we’ll do those things.

Big banks: Fantastic, we’ll be watching…

Regardless of how the people running these places feel, they have no other choice…

This is one of the reasons supporting Pro-America and American Made companies is so crucial. It’s not just a pride thing, it’s not just to buy American Made, it’s not about sacrificing quality.

It’s about supporting real American values of places that actually support their people, communities, and doing the right thing.

You know how we fix the problem?

Ignore these companies that do the shit mentioned above.

Pay attention to these Pro-America and American Made companies… What are their values, do they do the right thing, how do they do business, how they treat their customers, how they treat their employees.

All that matters.

As far as we’re concerned. We’re all Americans. Gay, Straight, black, white… Doesn’t matter. If you’re a citizen here in America, you’re American… We’re America first, we wanna do it the right way for the right reasons. We wanna show what’s possible and take care of our people along the way.

In the 80s and 90s we had a lot of companies sell out to go overseas and foreign countries because of greed and cheap labor.

I was very young at the time when this happened in my own life so I’m sure I’m missing a lot of details.

My dad worked at Huffy and Matel in the 90s.

We had lived in Ohio since I can remember in a very small town of Wilsher Ohio, then Convoy, Ohio. Those companies ended up moving and so did we since it was a good job.

We moved to Kentucky and a year later my dad was laid off from his job because the company sold out and moved to Mexico. It’s a shitty situation to have a bunch of your people move with you to support a company and then just sell everyone out for cheap labor in a foreign country.

This impacts real people. People who have worked their asses off to make a living, to raise a family, to enjoy life.

American Made is coming back in a real way. It’s not going to happen because of politicians. It’s not going to happen because of a certain person as president.

It’s going to happen because you are voting with your dollar.

Pro-America and American Made companies are the way if you want freedom to continue.

There is a sense of pride that comes from making things here in America. That sense of pride is real and is with a lot of people here in America.

It one-hundred percent has an impact on culture.

If you, like us, want the culture in America to improve.

This absolutely is one way to make an impact and make a deposit in the betterment of American Culture.

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