The upgrades to our Coffee Club!

We made a huge upgrade to our Coffee Club, here is a brief rundown of how to manage your Coffee Club subscription with us, for anyone looking to join the Coffee Club this is a great place to see how the backend stuff works! 

Need to update your shipping address caused you moved or have a winter/summer home? Boom, you can do that. 

Need to skip a month of your subscription because you've got a coffee surplus? Done, you can do it.

Want to add a one time purchase of a mug, limited run coffee, or something else to your subscription? Bingo, you can do that also.

And loads more, please read the rest of this and I'll hopefully explain all the important stuff (With pictures) so you know what's going on and how to easily manage your subscription with us or change anything if you need to. 

First things first...
Your account. 

Your login SHOULD be the same as the login you used on our old platform. (I had to reset my password.) If this doesn't work, contact us and we'll send you an account invite, if you've never had an account with us you'll need to create one. 

Just click on this icon next to the "shopping bag" on our site.

Once you login this is roughly what you'll see.
It will show your order history, add, edit, and delete addresses here. 
"Manage Subscription" button is the super important part we're going to talk about next.
Once you click Manage Subscription you'll be taken to this page.
Here you'll have quick access to pause, skip, or cancel your subscription. To have MORE options, control, and things to choose from simply click on "See More Details" and go to this page pictured below.
THIS is the part I'm stoked for. In the past customer service for subscriptions was difficult and not up to our standard because the platform limited the ability for you and us.
No longer a problem here! 
Now you can clearly see when your next order will be. 
Add an additional subscription product OR a One Time Purchase. 
You can either skip a month if you need to OR if you're close to running out of coffee and your subscription renews in a couple weeks you can just order it now!
Here you can also edit and change your shipping information.
No longer do you need to ask us or cancel and resubscribe. 
Another question we got frequently, especially with the release of Hammer! Even Louder! back in February and the Discomfort We Trust mugs in March.
"Can you add this to my subscription this month?"
Now, you can! Previously if wanted a bag of Hammer you would need to order it separately. 
Now you can just add it as a one time purchase (So long as we still have it in stock.)
Another amazing feature we've got for you! 
Are you subscribed to the Norse King Box and realize your coffee consumption has slowed down but you still want to get the same great coffee each month?
Now you can just swap out your subscription box to the Jarl Box or Dróttning Box! Hell Yeah! 
I'm stoked on this feature. 
It's just going to make managing this stuff so much easier and better. Giving YOU complete control. 
Helps us bring you better service too. 
For now, I think I've covered all of the key features. 
I wanted to get you up to speed on all the basic stuff to manage your subscription with us. 
As we learn more over the next couple of weeks we'll update you if we notice or discover anything major. 
We're still learning this platform and fixing any issues customers may have. This page will be updated the more we learn about this platform and new features. 
This upgrade was much needed and now makes the Coffee Club experience significantly better as you and I have far more freedom to customize, edit, and manage the subscriptions. 
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