What is SummerStrong?

What is SummerStrong?

If you've followed me for the last year you've probably heard me talk about something called SummerStrong.
What is it? Why do I go? What does it have to do with coffee?

I just got back from SummerStrong 17. 
SummerStrong is put on by Sorinex Exercise Equipment each May and originally started as a birthday party for Pops, aka Richard Sorin, the man who started Sorinex in 1980. 

It has since become a conference, birthday party, family reunion, and meathead party of the year. It's something I can only describe as you gotta be there to understand what it is. 

The people are always top notch, the lessons you learn are applicable whether you're in Strength & Conditioning or in business for yourself. Leadership, personal development, training... it's all applicable. 

The reason I go is because everyone there are my people. 
Everyone I had the privilege to meet and chop it up with this weekend felt like old friends catching up. No one is a stranger there. 

The lessons in leadership are big reason I go. The relationships I make there are another big reason I go. The experience there is another big reason I go. 
It's a lesson in culture.

Something we want to build here a Viking Coffee.
You see, there is a responsibility everyone has at SummerStrong, as guests it's our job to lean in and give the energy to make the event something special. 

The responsibility as customers and members of Viking Coffee is the same. It's our standard. To lean in and bring the energy to making something great of any situation and give what is necessary to leave an impact. 

I've never talked about this much, if at all. But, we have a standard to leave a place better than we found it. To lean in, to add genuine value where we can, to help where we can help, and to lead by example to show others the standard we live by. 

It's not something that one or a hand full of people can do; impact the culture of America through damn good coffee and the pursuit of personal excellence.
We need many hands to do this. We need YOU to join in the mission to show others the way. 

We can create a great experience, but, without you adding the energy, leaning in, and giving that experience can't be great for long. 

So, I want to say thank you for the support you've given us and continue to show. 
You make what we do possible and give our mission purpose. 

SummerStrong, here are some details in case you're interested in attending in the future. 
The event is Friday and Saturday and goes from 8am till... 10, 11, midnight? Really until people start leaving in mass. 
Day 1 starts with open gym, then lunch, then speakers from 1ish till 7ish. Followed by dinner, the beer hall games, with live music and a party until the end of the night.

Day 2 starts at 8am as well with the first speakers till 11:30 or noon with lunch. Afterwards are the last 2 speakers then after that is the squat and deadlift party! Followed by dinner and party till the end of the night.

That's a brief rundown of what to expect. The rest of it can't be put in words... you just gotta be there. 

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