What's The Best Of The Best?

So since I am newer to coffee I haven’t tried a lot of coffee, but I can for sure say some of my favorite is Viking Coffee!

There is just something about that cup of damn good coffee that just hits different than your usual cup of joe! It could be the vast flavors you can actually smell and taste! Or maybe it’s just that we don’t mess around with trying to push or coffee to just make a quick buck and see you later!

We actually care about everyone who has tried Viking Coffee! You can be someone new to us or someone who has been around for years YOU MATTER!

Now don’t get me wrong there are some other coffees I enjoy very much, but I just don’t get the same experience! Now I’m sure you’re thinking I’m only saying all of this because I work for Viking Coffee Co! And you would be absolutely correct! (I’m just Joshing you, It’s not)! It’s because the coffee is actually good!

Now My favorite coffee from Viking Coffee has got to be our Tri-Blend DR! It has such a lovely bold flavor to it! The only way I can describe it is picture yourself out in the woods smelling those woody tones and fresh pine and finishing your day with a smokey fire! This bold dark roast has notes of dark rich chocolate, cocoa, nutmeg, woody tones, and a super nice smooth smokey finish!

My second favorite is our Old Man Strength! Of course you got to love this coffee just from the name alone! This medium and dark roast blend has the perfect balance of bold dark and sweet fruity flavors! This coffee is perfect for anyone who loves a good handlebar mustache and some good ol fashion tussling! With notes of dark chocolate, dry fruit, cocoa, and fruity flavors!

My third favorite coffee would have to be our Light Roast Blend or LRB we call it sometimes! Now this one gets you ready for your day by lifting you out of bed to the clouds! With such a warm smell of floral tones that wake you up! Tasting notes of sweet chocolate, berry, citrus notes, and that floral tone!

These are some of my favorite coffees, nut I’d like to know to what are your favorites? Comment down below on what your favorite coffee is!

Have a great day everyone and stay safe!

Drink Coffee. Work Hard.


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