Are you adding or taking away...

Are you adding or taking away...

Is this a solution or a problem?

What you’re doing today…

Is it going to contribute to a solution or add to a problem?

Bitching about something being wrong is very popular…

It doesn’t contribute to a solution or solve any problem.

It just makes others want to bitch about it too.

Be the solution. Especially today.

I truly believe that improving yourself, investing in yourself, becoming the best you can be at home, in your fitness, at your job or business, in your community…

Is going to positively influence those around you.

I believe this principle is what’s going to change the culture of America.

That’s why I write these messages.

Not because I believe I’m so wise.
But because I need to hear this too.

I don’t always want to be my best self everyday.
But if I fuck off am I contributing towards a solution?

Even if it’s something small??

No, because doing a lot of small things adds up to something big.

Picking up a tiny piece of trash may seem insignificant but you never know who’s watching.

I needed to hear this just as much as you.

Be the solution.
It’s a simple as just improving yourself and setting a high standard for yourself…

I genuinely believe that.

Share this message with someone who needs to hear it …

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