How to keep your fire going...

How to keep your fire going...

The universe will reward you with what you want most.

Sounds like fucking hippy talk. But it’s true.

Your thoughts are in direct correlation with your actions.
Both your thoughts and actions are in direct correlation with the results in your life.

Not doing the things you know you should be doing but expecting the same results as if you had done them is setting you up for fucking disappointment.

Build the fire.

Take that momentum and get after the actions.

Take those thoughts, take action, fucking do them with purpose, and pass the torch to the next action.

That’s how you fucking win.

That’s how you get your thoughts and actions aligning with what results you want.

You will take this simple process to the next level by visualizing the result you want.

If it’s a new truck you’re after.

Visualize what the color of that truck will be, visualize walking up to it when it’s parked in your driveway, envision opening the door and getting in feeling the brand new seats, the new car smell.

The sounds it will make upon starting it up, how the steering wheel feels, how YOU will feel pulling out of your driveway and cruising down the road.

How proud you’ll feel parking it at your house.

Visualizing adds to the fire.

Visualizing keeps that fire raging.

Take your thoughts, actions, and visualize with fucking intent.

Keep the fire going.

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