How to overcome self doubt...

How to overcome self doubt...

Self doubt is common in just about everyone.

Everyone experiences it more at certain points in their lives or before and during certain tasks.

No one is immune from experiencing self doubt.
It’s apart of life.

How you overcome self doubt is by winning the war with yourself daily.

Your mind wants comfort.
The standard routine.
Anything outside of that adds a little stress.

If your mind has to do something it’s never done before it will begin telling you all the reasons why you can’t because it’s outside of it’s comfort area.

It wants you to go back to comfort.
To things it knows.
That it’s confident in doing.

Because it doesn’t want to have it’s ego hurt.

But that isn’t how you overcome self doubt.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

That’s how you build confidence.

That’s how you build momentum.

Both of those things smoother out self doubt.

Adversity, discomfort, failure, and learning all build your mind’s ability to take any task head on.

It’s a skill that requires you practice it daily.

If you don’t, over time, you’ll be back to always seeking the comfortable.

Don’t let that fire die.

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