Imposter syndrome happens to everyone...

Imposter syndrome happens to everyone...

Imposter syndrome is a very real thing when you’re just starting something new.

“What if they think I’m fake.”

“What if they see that I’m not who I say I am.”

“What if they realize I’m doing something wrong.”

What most of you will find is that all these thoughts or yours are just a product of being overly critical of yourself.

You and only you know all of your flaws and weaknesses better than anyone.

These self doubting thoughts you have is just your mind being your biggest critic.

What I’ve realized is a majority of the time, these same thoughts I had myself, others didn’t even fucking notice or even care.

The best way to get over imposter syndrome is to just do it.
It’s going to feel weird and uncomfortable.

It’s apart of the process and everyone goes through it.

Eventually just through doing, you’ll be confident as fuck.

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