Keep the fire going...

Keep the fire going...

Motivation is fleeting and doesn’t do shit for you.

Sure it may get you started but it won’t carry you through the finish.

Motivation will get you started on a lot of projects but will leave you with a ton of unfinished projects.


Now, momentum will get you through the finish and onto the next project.

However, momentum doesn’t randomly show up like motivation.
Momentum, you have to build.

Just like a fire.

If you use wet kindling and wood chances are you’ll just get a lot of smoke at best.

You need to have all the proper elements.

Dry wood and kindling.

A good lighter, match, or flint.

With momentum there are proper elements need too.

A plan for what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, and where.

Action. This is simple do your task with purpose. Start and keep going.

Finish. Again, with purpose.

When you do something with purpose you feel proud doing it.
When you’re done with it you’re proud of it.
You want to show it off to others.

That’s what it means to do something with purpose.

That’s how you build momentum.
Take the energy from the task you’re proud to do and finish and carry that to the next task.

You’ll be much more productive going from the gym straight to work on tasks and projects instead of taking time to relax.

When you go straight from a great workout into relaxing…
You throw away the momentum and it’s that much harder to get going again.

So don’t let that flame die out once you build the fire.
Keep it going.

Life ebb and flows just like a fire.

Sometimes it will be raging and other times it will be the flame of a candle.

Don’t let the fire die.

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