Separate yourself from the old you...

Separate yourself from the old you...

Don’t pull back.

This week people begin to pull back.
Don’t let up.

Be proud that you’re still planning on kicking ass.
Be proud that you’re still determined to stay on task.
Be proud that you’re willing to do those things and STILL enjoy Thanksgiving.

Don’t use this as an excuse to let loose and celebrate because you earned this…
You KEEP to your goals and you continue to work towards them.

Use this “down time” to separate yourself.

From the competition and from your old self.

This is the week to get miles ahead of others and your old self.

Prioritize the tasks that will better yourself each day.
Attack them each day. Get them done. Enjoy the rest of the day.

It’s that simple.
Don’t let the little bitch voice in your head win.

Use the boss voice. Handle your shit then enjoy the rest of your day.

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