Thank you...

Thank you...

Both of my Grandfathers served in the Second World War.

Both lived and we’re around for years of my life early on. I’ve always had an interest in WWII and learning about the history of it.

When I was much older I had asked my grandfather on my dads side about his time in the war. From what I know he served as an Army Aircorp medic in England during the early parts of the war mostly tending to bomber crews coming back after raids over France and Germany before the invasion of mainland Europe.

He never wanted to mention much other than he wished no one else to witness what he saw.

I distinctly remember the place we were when I had asked him this. We were sitting at a picnic table at the Rutherford B. Hayes Museum in Fremont, Ohio.

Just my grandmother, Him, and me.

The tone and manner in which he said it made not want to ask about it ever again.

That sticks with me…

We’ve got an obligation in this country to be great.
To live to be the absolute best we can.

To be a living example of how this country should be.

You have an obligation to be a great American.

If it wasn’t my grandfather playing an important role during WWII I may not have gotten the opportunity to live today.

Thank you all serving and who have served.

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