This compounds over time and is worth doing...

This compounds over time and is worth doing...

Consistently good not occasionally great.

Which one do you think Tom Brady is?

The motherfucker is consistently good and he kicks a lot of ass.

Don’t expect or think that these great things you want in life are just going to magically happen just because you think about them a lot and dream.

None of that dreaming is going to come to life unless you’re consistently doing the right things to get you there.

Adding to your fire everyday to hone your skills, your knowledge, your experience to get to the level where you can make that happen.

Being occasionally great isn’t going to win you any promotions, you might get a few big paydays, but you’re not going to get to the level where those little wins added up over time to where you’re winning big consistently.

The small monotonous things may seem insignificant in the moment.

It does make you stop and question yourself sometimes.

But keep going. Keep doing them. Be consistently good.

It will pay off big time.

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