This is important to do...

This is important to do...

The gym is a beautiful place.

Countless hours of work and sweat.

Everything here is earned through hard work.

Nothing is ever given.

It’s a great representation of life. You get out what you put in.

The more effort you put towards your strength and body goals the better the results of your labor.
There is a learning curve in the gym. Just as in life.

You can’t push 90% intensity around everyday and expect to get stronger, you’ll eventually burn out, same in life.

You need to do things to get your mind off of your goals occasionally… Just to freshen your mind creatively and sleep, cause that’s important for the function of your body.

Understand that hard work, consistency, discipline is very important.

Recovery is important too, just don’t bullshit yourself on the recovery you’re doing to fuck off for a few days, there are things you can still do while recovering to continue to move forward. 

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