Why you need to renegotiate with yourself...

Why you need to renegotiate with yourself...

You and I have both experienced test days before.

Where you get your patients, your control, and your sanity sometimes; tested.

We’ve all experienced those frustrating days. They’re not fun.
You typically can’t wait for the day to be over.

The anger, frustration, and lack of patients you feel can be transferred to good use.

The first time I heard someone describing channeling their anger into other work or something else that will positively impact them I didn’t understand how.

In the gym, it’s easier to understand the translation.

In work that requires thought, creative thinking, a clear head to make decisions…

I never was able to grasp the connection.

But this is a skill that’s been worked at for a few years

You or I are not perfect. We let emotion get to us sometimes.
When you’re angry it’s hard to focus on a different task because your mind is so filled with emotion on whatever it’s angry about…

This is way fucking easier said than done but hang with me for a minute.

Literally just let it go. Be in the moment.
Feel angry and then just let it go.
Water under the bridge.

Chances are what you’re angry about is very insignificant in your overall life.
Shit happens.
Get over it.

For myself the first lesson I had to teach myself in order to channel that negative energy into productive and impactful energy was to just let whatever I’m angry over to just go.

Renegotiate what I’m allowing to occupy space in my mind.

I don’t want to use what’s left of my precious energy for this day be occupied with anger, frustration, and other negative thought.

I want to repurpose this build up of energy from those things over here where it can be productive.

I’m literally doing this as I type this message for this morning.
(It’s Monday night for me.)

Not a good second half of the day.
I could be upset over it.
Be frustrated at myself.


Go to work and type out exactly what I need to hear myself in order to renegotiate what I’ll allow my energy to focus on.

It works. This message will help someone.

Just as figuring it out has helped me.

Share this message with someone who needs to hear it …

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