You just need to go...

You just need to go...

Drop the E and GO.

When I was apart of a strength and conditioning staff, the head coach of the team said this, regularly from what I remember.

Maybe not from him but at least several others on the strength and football staff.

That’s phrase that still sticks with me.

There is a lot of ego out there right now.

People who think so highly of themselves and beliefs that they can tell others how to live.

Have some ego. Don’t drop it completely.

Ya gotta have some ego to go fucking win.

But don’t let it run your life.

Ya don’t got it all figured out.
Just like everyone else.

Build your skills.
Put in the work.
Earn everything.

Know how to do something really well?

Go do it and stop talking about how fucking good you are at it.

Not know how to do something at all?

Go learning, do it, fail at it, and do it again. Stop complaining that you don’t know how.

Just. Go.

Keep the fire going.

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