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Ethiopian Sidamo Natural

Ethiopian Sidamo Natural

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Ethiopian Sidamo Natural Process! THE personal favorite of the owner, Evan.

Natural process coffee is very sought after with it’s fruitier notes, sweeter aroma, and a lot of the characteristics of the coffee cherry than just the bean itself.

We recommend a 1/15 or 1/16 ratio when brewing this coffee!

Tasting notes: Plum, Raspberry, Raw Honey, and a Lemon Finish.
There are no added flavors to our coffee; just the naturally occuring tasting notes!

Ratios: 1/15

1 part coffee to 15 parts water.

40 grams of coffee x 15 = 600 ml of water.

This will yield 600ml of coffee!

This logic applies to any number in place of 15. 1/16 for 40 grams of coffee. 40 x 16 = 640ml coffee

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