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Pick 3 Pack

Pick 3 Pack

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Introducing our Pick 3 Pack – the ultimate way to customize your coffee experience. With this exclusive offer, you have the freedom to build your own trifecta by choosing any three 1 lb. bags of coffee from our diverse selection.

Not sure where to start? Let us guide you with some curated options:

For those who prefer a lighter roast, we recommend our trio of Morning Raid, Ethiopian Sidamo, and Costa Rican. Morning Raid boasts a bright and floral profile with hints of sweet chocolate, while Ethiopian Sidamo offers notes of lemon-grass, berry, and a cinnamon finish. Costa Rican completes the trio with warm chocolate, red berry, cocoa, and a jammy finish.

If you're a fan of bold, dark roasts, look no further than our trio of Send It, Old Man Strength, and Tri-Blend. Send It delivers flavors of milk chocolate, sweet blackberry, cocoa, and an earthy finish, while Old Man Strength offers a rich blend of dark chocolate, cocoa, and dried fruit. Tri-Blend rounds out the trio with notes of dark chocolate, cocoa, nutmeg, and a smoky finish.

And for those seeking a balanced selection of our best-selling blends, The Armstrong Go-To's are the perfect choice. This trio features Ethiopian Sidamo, Costa Rican, and Old Man Strength – a combination guaranteed to satisfy any palate.

Make sure to indicate your selections in the “Additional Notes” section at checkout!

  • Morning Raid: Bright and floral with hints of sweet chocolate.

  • Ethiopian Sidamo: Lemon-grass, berry, and a cinnamon finish.

  • Costa Rican: Warm chocolate, red berry, cocoa, and a jammy finish.

  • Send It: Milk chocolate, sweet blackberry, cocoa and an earthy finish.

  • Old Man Strength: Dark chocolate, cocoa, and a dried fruit.

  • Tri-Blend: Dark chocolate, cocoa, nutmeg, and a smokey finish.

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