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The Longship 6 Box - Sample Packs

The Longship 6 Box - Sample Packs

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For those who go to Costco just for the samples: The Longship 6 – Sample Pack Box.
Get 4 oz Packs (aka 2 servings) of our 6 staple coffees (from lightest to darkest):

  • Morning Raid: Bright and floral with hints of sweet chocolate.

  • Ethiopian Sidamo: Lemon-grass, berry, and a cinnamon finish.

  • Costa Rican: Warm chocolate, red berry, cocoa, and a jammy finish.

  • Send It: Milk chocolate, sweet blackberry, cocoa and an earthy finish.

  • Old Man Strength: Dark chocolate, cocoa, and a dried fruit.

  • Tri-Blend: Dark chocolate, cocoa, nutmeg, and a smokey finish.

Never go into battle de-caffeinated.

Holiday Hack: Split this pack up to cover a few people on your list! Perfect for stocking stuffers!

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